Download Herakles 2.0



(NEW!!) 21. Januar 2007. Herakles 2.0 is released. The program is provided as Freeware


If you have never downloaded Herakles before download the complete version here : Download Herakles 2.0. Unpack the archieve in a directory and run Herakles.exe

If you already have an older version of Herakles download the update here: Herakles's update to version 2.0. Unpack the archieve in the same directory, where you have your old Herakles. Make if you like first a copy of your old installation.

For bug reports or new feature requests please contact me.


(Old) 15. August 2004 Herakles (1.1) for Win32:

If you already downloaded and installed then just download override the old executable. Please make first a backup of the old executable.

If you have never installed Herakles please download and install Download and unpack it in the same directory where you unpacked the

Please send me an email with suggestions, bug reports or whatever you like :).

I would be glad to know if people like  Herakles :)

To install Herakles download the ZIP-file below and unpack it in such a way as that the sub-directories are also created.
Run <Herakles.exe>

Download Herakles (0.1 beta) for Win32: (23.8 Mb)

Licence :
 Herakles is provided as it is. I do not take any responsibilities for any consequences of running Herakles. Feel free to use the program as long as you like and as long as you won't use it for any commercial purposes.
This is a beta version. I would be very pleased if you send me suggestions or bugs reports. In this way you can help improving the program.