Zebra: Zebra is probably the best program around not only for its very strong AI but also for a lot of other features that are provided. Executables for both Linux and Win32. Created by Gunnar Andersson.

Edax: One of the best programs around. Runs both on Linux and Win32. Created by the French Richard Delorme.

Logistello: Created by Michael Buro. Logistello is maybe the strrongest program ever made. The home page of its author Michael Buro is probably the best place to start looking for informations about Othello programming. The source code is also released.

Cassio: A very good program created by Stephane Nicolet one of the world strongest Othello player. Runs in Mac.

Ntest: A very strong program created by Chris Welty. The source code is also released.

Tutle: Another very strong program with source code created by Fabien Letouzey.

Forest: Created by Olivier Casile.

Pandroid: Created by Bjrn Lindberg.