15. August 2004

Herakles 1.1 is released


This version solves a bug in Herakles 1.0b during endgame search. About 30-50% faster endgame solving now!.


Improved GUI for the selection of the hash table.


Improved endgame move sorting

Old News

August 2004

Herakles 1.0b is released

Improvements: Faster and better middle game search

                          Faster endgame solver (about 2-4 times) using bitboards (only in 8x8).


Herakles development stopped in November 2002 as i still was in Germany.

Unfortunately due to my military service in Greece i was not able to improve the program as i would like. I had planned to release the next version in Oktober 2003 but after some local tournaments the newer version seemed to be worse than the first one.

The main problem of Herakles still remain its bad endgame. Being at least 3 to 5 times slower than Zebra (the legend in endgame solving) is of course not bad in relation to others but still not something to be proud of.

Its main advantage is its very strong middle game. Caesar used to have the first position on GGS till November 2002.

Improving the endgame would give (hopefully) Herakles a real big boost to its playing strength.

So i have already started the development of the newer version in hope to improve the endgame. The program is being completely rewritten.

The newer endgame solver will be released soon. It needs of course some more tuning but it is not any more far away from Zebra. So keep waiting for it.