Welcome to Herakles's home page


(NEW!!) 21. Januar 2007. Herakles 2.0 is released. The program is provided as Freeware


If you have never downloaded Herakles before download the complete version here : Download Herakles 2.0. Unpack the archieve in a directory and run Herakles.exe

If you already have an older version of Herakles download the update here: Herakles's update to version 2.0. Unpack the archieve in the same directory, where you have your old Herakles. Make if you like first a copy of your old installation.

For bug reports or prefered enhancements on Herakles please contact me.


(Old) 15. August 2004: Herakles 1.1 is released. It solves a bug in the hash table of Herakles 1.0(b) in endgame. Sometimes the 1.0 (b) version can come in an endless loop when is trying to solve a position. The solving of the bug improved endgame searching at about 30 to 50%! Please download the new version from the download page.

(old) August 2004:  Herakles 1.0 (b) is released . Improved middle game searching and much much better end game solving. Please DON'T download this version any more!

Herakles is a simple freeware program designed to play the game of Othello from amateur to expert strength. The most important feature of Herakles are its very strong engines.

The windows version of Herakles can be downloaded from the download page. If you like first to take a look at Herakles, here are some screenshots.


Herakles is provided with more than one Othello engines.


Two engines for standard 8x8 Othello


One engine for 10x10 Othello


One engine for octagon Othello

Other features:

Herakles uses different opening books depending on the engine used and the playing strength. In this way each book is always as intelligent as it should be for the current used playing strength.
Every game that ends is added in the corresponding opening book. The engine provides also the option to self-play and add new games in the books in order to improve them.

System requirements:
Os :                 Win32
Processor:        Pentium MMX
Memory:           >32Mb
Resolution         >=800*600
Disc space        > 70Mb

The game engine, the GUI design and all other features were programmed by Kostas Tournavitis
The program has been written in Delphi 6.0.